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The deluxe version of Galaxy Player 3.6 would follow on May 13 with a price tag of $200

With the increasing importance of smart phones, the popularity of hand held media devices is constantly decreasing. However, still tech companies are constantly developing these devices since there is a demand for these devices to some extend. This is just like the case of tablets and eReaders. With the increasing importance of tablets, eReaders seem to have lost their charm but still, eReaders provide some clear benefits over tablets such as price and larger battery life due to which they are still in demand.   Samsung happens to be among those tech giants who are also involved in the production of handheld ...

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Technical specification of Samsung Galaxy XCover

Samsung is probably the tech giant that has released more rugged phone than any other major company, and we are about to have another major rugged phone from Samsung. This phone is Galaxy XCover and would be among the mid range devices with respect to technical specifications. The technical specs of the rugged phones are not really very impressive but then again, their being rugged phone is something that makes them special. With these phones, there is no need to replace your phone every time you drop it accidentally. Physical structure of the phone is certainly impressive and the device ...

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Samsung Galaxy S 4G Blaze is available at very reasonable price

Among the latest inexpensive Samsung devices that T-Mobile has been releasing, having support for its 4G network, Samsung Galaxy S 4G Blaze can be considered one of the best choices around. This device is available under contract with T-Mobile at an extremely reasonable price of just $199.99. Samsung Galaxy S2, on the other hand, is available for $229.99 and its technical specifications are much better, but still for people with constraint budget, Galaxy 4G Blaze seems to be the perfect choice.   The technical specifications of this phone are not the same as the best top end devices from Samsung in the ...

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Technical specifications for Samsung Galaxy S Blaze

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze is among the latest platoon of high and mid end smart phones that Samsung has released so far during this year. This phone was announced by Samsung during January this year and was released during March.   This is a mid range device and the technical specifications are also quite in line with the mid range phones. It would have reasonable physical dimensions of 121.7 x 62.9×11.2 mm and a weight of about 127 g. We would have a 3.97 inch screen equipped with multi touch and Samsung’s TouchWIZ user interface coupled with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The phone ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note will be released in Japan on April 6th

Galaxy Note is among the most unique devices that you would be able to spot in the market of the smart phones and it was certainly a bold step from Samsung to manufacture such a device. The phone was launched in October last year and now that six months have passed since its release, it seems that the device is not doing badly in the market. Initially, there were several reservations considering the giant size of the device and people were not certain whether the device would actually be successful in the real world, the phone has turned out to ...

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Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G will be released in March

While the exact information about the release of the most anticipated Samsung device, Galaxy S 3, remains unknown, several other Samsung phones keep showing up. One of these phones happens to be Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G that would probably be released in March. This is according to a recent confirmation that came from T-Mobile. This device would operate on T-Mobile HSPA +42 networks. This would be among the high end Android based devices from Samsung and would showcase some very fine hardware and software features. The phone would come stocked with various entertainment and navigation apps. Some of the ...

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