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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 or the iPad Mini

Apple finally launched its highly anticipated 7 inch tablet  with the name of iPad Mini. The market of 7 inch tablets has also become quite saturated now, with tablets from Samsung, Amazon, Google and Apple, all with highly impressive technical specs and wide user base. While the 10 inch version of iPad happens to be the most popular tablet of all time, the actual worth of the 7 inch version if yet to be decided, although predictions of its success are being made by most tech analysts. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, on the other hand, is the second generation version ...

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Samsung recently launched the second generation version of its Galaxy Tab 2

Samsung recently launched the second generation version of its Galaxy Tab 2  in 10 and 7 inch models. There aren't any grand changes between this and the previous version of the device and since this version is also available at quite a reasonable price, it can be a good option for people who wanted to have Galaxy brand but couldn't afford the high price of the original tab. But still there are pretty decent technical specs that you would find in this device. The 10.1 inch version of the device comes with a 1280 x 800 PLS display and is ...

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Samsung launches new service for Galaxy S3 : Music Hub

There are not any two opinions about the fact that Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most coveted and anticipated device in the market at present. As per Samsung’s promise, the sale of Galaxy S3 started in European market from 28th of May. Along with Europe, the sale would also continue in the Middle East. By the end of July, the device would be available from about 300 mobile operators all over the world. Samsung’s exclusive music service would also be available to the buyers of this device in five European countries. These countries are : Germany, France, Spain, Italy and ...

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Samsung will release a new device : Samsung SPH-L300

The main source of attention from Samsung right now happens to be Samsung Galaxy S3. However, Samsung has not devoted its entire attention to this giant of a device and is busy working on other devices as well. A prime example of this can be considered a new device whose pictures have leaked over the internet and reveal some pretty impressive technical specs. This device is being called Samsung SPH-L300 which is, of course, the code for this device, actual name being unknown as yet. This mobile showcases Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, which is among the most popular processors for smart ...

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Samsung has released the second version of Galaxy Tab

Lately a lot of developments have been taking place in the tablets market. Although no one has yet been able to bring an end to the dominance of Apple, whose iPad remains to be the most successful tablet of all time, tech giants such as Amazon and Samsung has given some tough time to Apple. Samsung released its Galaxy Tab last year which proved to be the most successful Android based tablet to the date. Now the company has released the second version of the device, Galaxy Tab 2 10.0. Technical specifications of the device have also been revealed and ...

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New feature from Samsung Galaxy S3 – S Voice

Finally Samsung has released its most anticipated and highly coveted device: Samsung Galaxy S3. There is no doubt that this would be the best high end device in the market after it is released, with the possible exception of iPhone 4S. In several aspects, Galaxy S3 has been influenced by iPhone 4S, most importantly in its feature of voice recognition. Samsung calls this new feature S Voice, while it is known as Siri in iPhone. So far the aspects of S Voice seem to be quite impressive. For example, it would allow you to play songs, adjust volume, send texts, ...

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Samsung has announced to release the next Galaxy phone during the Samsung Unpacked Event

Amazon just loves to remain ahead of its competitors in showcasing the latest products and this is exactly what has happened in case of famed Samsung Galaxy S3. The device has recently showed up on the German website of Amazon where the only notable things mentioned are Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a larger Super AMOLED Display. Other than that, the technical specs remain to be unknown. Previously, leaks regarding this device were released in a Vietnamese video that was hastily removed over the internet. The price that has been listed for this device on Amazon website happens to ...

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