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Samsung Galaxy S3 is among the elite devices in the market

Samsung Galaxy S3 seems to be the latest favorite of mobile carriers and everyone seems to be in competition with others when it comes to attractive offers and competitive price. At T-Mobile, Galaxy S3 is available for $279, although you need to pay just $229 if you sign up for Equipment Installment Plan of T-Mobile.   There is a slight difference in the physical structure of the international version of Galaxy S3 and the one available from T-Mobile. On the back side of the device, we find an LED flash and a small silver speaker just above the gray T-Mobile logo. In ...

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Google is all set to launch a Google Nexus tablet

A lot seems to be going in the Android sphere of technology, with the expected release of several new devices and software enhancements.  Over the last few days, the main attraction at several events was the new iPad from Apple, but it is evident that Android is also not idle. What we are hearing is that Google is all set to launch a Google Nexus tablet that would cost as low as $149 to $199. This would be a seven inch tablet and even with respect to a seven inch device, this price would be pretty impressive. Compared to the ...

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Samsung is about to announce the 11.6 inch version of Galaxy Tab

There was a lot of hype about a mysterious 11.6 inch version of the Galaxy Tab. According to several sources, Samsung was supposed to announce this tablet during the Mobile World Congress but this did not happen. After the MWC and amid all the hype of the new iPad, it seemed that everyone has forgotten about this 11.6 inch Galaxy Tab. But now it seems that this is real and not only that, sources are claiming that Samsung is about to announce this version of Galaxy Tab, on Friday.   Although this is a grand rumor, it does not seem to be ...

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Samsung might annouce during MWC the next and bigger model of Galaxy Tab

 Samsung has announced that it would not take part in any of the press events of  Mobile World Congress this year. Samsung would, however, release some of its products during the event, although the release of Galaxy S 3 has already been ruled out. Previously, Galaxy S 3 was expected to be launched during this major event but Samsung decided to defer the release for a few months. With Galaxy S 3 out, there doesn’t seem to be much attraction that is left with Samsung products during MWC, unless and until Samsung surprises everyone with some amazing new product. Probably the most important ...

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