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Focus S – AT&T

Samsung Focus S is one of the best smart phones from Samsung running Windows Phone OS. Regarded as best Windows phone released from Samsung so far, the device indeed showcases a solid and smart build and impressive performance. From the physical structure the device has a lot of similarities with Galaxy series and the main difference is that this device contains three capacitive buttons instead of four found on Galaxy series devices. The phone is built of glass and plastic and has a screen size of 4.2 inch, other than having screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixel. The hardware ...

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Unlock Focus S and pay less if bought under contract

Although the market of smartphones is mainly dominated by iOS and Android based devices, there are other noteworthy operating systems too. For instance, the latest version of Windows Mobile has received thorough praise from the critics and customers alike. Samsung Focus S 4S is one such device with which users won’t have any compatibility problems in moving and receiving data from their laptops and desktops, which is certainly a huge facility for a common user. This device is an updated model of the original Samsung Focus which was a bit heavier and also bigger in size, having a display of ...

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Focus S and Focus Flash will be released this month with Mango OS

Finally it seems that Microsoft has been able to do something quite remarkable in the domain of mobile devices. Yes, we’re talking about the release of the latest version of their mobile OS with the name of Windows Phone ‘Mango’ OS. Mango OS has instantly became a favorite among the technical as well as common users and although it might not be able to compete the popularity of iOS and Android for the time being, it is certainly here to stay. From this OS, it finally seems that Micrsoft has come out of the stage of experimenting with operating system ...

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Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash released on AT&T next Sunday

AT&T announced Samsung Focus S and Samsung Focus Flash becoming available beginning November 6 on its Facebook page.   Samsung Focus S is the better model from the two being sold with $199 as you can see above. The main differences between the two devices lie in the screen size and the physical structure and other than that, technical specifications are not much different. The camera of Focus S feature 8 MP while Focus Flash capture photos with only 5MP. Both Focus S and Focus Flash would be running on 1.4 processor while the operating system would be Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. If you ...

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Samsung Focus S to be released on October 11 on AT&T

Samsung Focus S, which was previously rumored to be Samsung i917 Cetus, might be ready for release by 11th of October. This, however, is not confirmed news and the device might be delayed. For the time being, there is no official announcement from Samsung or AT&T. If the resources prove to be right and the given date turn out to be the actual release date of the device, Focus S would then be released at the CTIA wireless association exhibition in San Diego. Samsung Focus S is among the most coveted and highly anticipated devices that would be released in the ...

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