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Ice Cream Sandwich on Galaxy S2

The latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, has been released and although as yet it is only available on Galaxy Nexus, Samsung has confirmed that soon the ICS update would be available for as many as eight Samsung devices. These devices include giant devices from Samsung such as Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy S2 LTE, Galaxy Note and all versions of Galaxy tablets. These updates, which would start in the first quarter of the next year, would first be available for Samsung Galaxy S 2 and Galaxy Note, after which it would be gradually made available for the rest of ...

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Upgrade Galaxy S2 to Android 2.3.5

There is a good news for the users of Samsung Galaxy S2 bought from AT&T. The news is that AT&T would be releasing the updated version of Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread for all such devices. Based upon the response and requirements of the customers, this software update would come with several enhancements. These improvements include improved WiFi calling facilities, improved battery life and certain enhancements in the caller ID. However, there is no compulsion in this update and if you want to stick with your previous version, you can choose to do so. If, however, you want to update your device ...

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Galaxy S2 made to beat iPhone4s sales

T-Mobile has finally released the first high-end Android phone in white color, a precedence that was set by Apple. This white phone which can be considered a direct rival of white iPhone 4S is Samsung Galaxy S2 and is available for orders. The price for a Galaxy S2 locked is $229.99 along with a two year contract with the carrier and a $50 mail-in rebate. On top of this price there is also the cost to unlock Galaxy S2 but anyway you will pay less than a Galaxy S2 unlocked. Technical specifications of this phone are similar to the original ...

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Galaxy S2 LTE to be seen in Japan

Finally the LTE technology has also arrived in Japan after being highly successful in the US. The first LTE phone that has hit the Japanese market happens to be Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE. The phone is available under contract with the famous Japanese carrier DoCoMo and would be utilizing its Xi network. Average download speed that is expected on this device is 37.5Mbps. The technical specifications of Galaxy S II LTE are quite impressive. The device would be running on a powerful 1.5 GHz processor and would come with a 4.5 inch screen with 480×800 resolution. Super AMOLED Plus display along ...

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Galaxy S2 will be brought by AT&T starting October 2nd

Samsung Galaxy S2 is the most recent addition in the smartphones list from Samsung. This phone was recently released under contract with Spring wireless in the US, while it was decided that the device would also be released under two other carriers. Now the latest news from AT&T Mobiles has revealed that Samsung Galaxy S2 would be released under contract with AT&T as soon as Oct 2nd, which means within a week from now. According to the official news from AT&T as released on Twitter, the device would be available for $199.99 and would come with a two years contract. ...

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