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Galaxy S2 spotted in Canada

Among Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones, Samsung Galaxy S2 is the most recent and perhaps the most impressive addition. Although this phone has not yet been released on a wide scale in Canada, but a limited number of phones have made their way to the market and from the initial reviews of the experts, it seems that this device is here to stay for a long time. Recently, the device was seen at the TELUS network in Canada and it seems that Samsung is preparing for a wide scale release of the device in near future. The device has been ...

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Galaxy R vs Galaxy S2

The Galaxy R measures up to standards set by the Galaxy S2. It is considered as a slight downgrade of the Galaxy S2 though it boasts of an equally powerful processor. The Galaxy R’s camera is 5 megapixels, lower than that of Galaxy S2. The Galaxy R is expected to inspire a variety of versions both in the US and Europe. The Galaxy R comes with a different processor- Duo Core Tegra and a 4.2” display. The Galaxy R is designed differently from Galaxy S2. However, the new device is not as thin as the lightest and thinnest smart phones in ...

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GT I9220 could be the namecode for Galaxy Note?

  Samsung is serious in dominating the market of smartphones by constantly releasing phones with high tech features and impressive specifications. During the recent months, Samsung has released several new smartphones with impressive features to achieve this goal and it seems that in near future, Samsung’s Android based phone would give a real tough time to Apple’s iPhone. Now, according to the reliable reports, Samsung is planning to release another next-generation phone which would further improve the position of Samsung in the market. So far, we only know this phone by its code name which is GT-i9220 and its actual name has ...

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Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S Plus versus LG Optimus

Among the recent smartphones being released by Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy S Plus are the two best smartphones. Additionally, LG has also released its noteworthy smartphone, LG Optimus 2X. Let’s have a short comparison of these amazing devices with respect to their technical specifications and features. Initially Galaxy S II was released on a 1 GHz dual-core processor and was later updated to 1.2 GHz which makes it a reasonable competitor to LG Optimus 2X which already runs on 1.2 GHz processor. There is a plan of 1.4 GHz for the final version of Galaxy S II ...

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Samsung Galaxy S2 hits USA

After the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S last year, it proved to be a huge success in the UK. The version that was released for US was, however, slightly different than the original Galaxy S. Now the latest news is that Samsung is planning to release several versions of Samsung Galaxy S2 for the US market. It is expected that the versions for all four major carriers would slightly differ from each other. let's see the key differences of these devices from each other. Verizon Wireless: LTE Slider: This is just the codename of the device since the actual name has ...

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White Samsung Galaxy S2 Expected Launch in Europe on Aug 15th

Just like the original Galaxy S, the Samsung Galaxy S II will be released in a white colored version. The powerful Galaxy S II smart phone is slated for release in around on August the 15th. An image of the white version of Samsung Galaxy S II was posted in the Internet by a UK mobile retailer. According to reports posted in the MobileFun website, the white smart phone will be launched in the UK on the 15th of August. Most likely, the white version of Samsung Galaxy S II will also be entering other European markets at around the ...

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Samsung Galaxy S2 to Shine as Sprint’s Newest Star

According to Sprint' press release the Samsung Galaxy S II will soon be joining the Sprint Network. The Galaxy Within, as the smartphone is commonly referred, will become the latest star to glitter on the Sprint network. Specific details of the smartphone’s release date and price are yet to be divulged. However, it is expected that Samsung Galaxy S2 will be launched in September at a price of about US$ 350. It appears that Sprint’s resolve to arm its arsenal with a collection of Android capable is unstoppable at this stage. Samsung Epic Touch 4G is already doing rounds in Sprint network. ...

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Samsung Galaxy S II on Verizon Network

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S II may enter the market on August 12 with improved capabilities for 4G LTE Verizon network. The phone squarely fits into the shoes of its predecessor the Galaxy S. The smart form is widely expected to have a 4.27” display. The Super AMOLED Plus Display could have an 800x 480 resolution. The device is to be fitted with an 8 mega-pixel camera with video capture capability of 1080p. On the front, a 2mega-pixel cam with capabilities for video chat is expected. The smart phone will run on Android platform. On top of that, the Samsung ...

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