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Nexus Prime is in the air

Anticipation, rumors and excitement for the next major product with the colleboration of Samsung and Google named Nexus Prime is in the air these days. And just when the anticipation was at its highest point, the release of this mysterious and major device has been postponed. Initially, the release of this device was decided to be made on 11th of Oct during the Samsung Unlacked Event. But most probably due to the death of Steve Jobs, the release of the device has been postponed since Samsung did not consider it the appropriate time for release. Other than the release of this ...

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Nexus Prime will be released by Verizon

Verizon is in the limelight these days since it is about to become the first carrier in the US to release the latest Android giant, Galaxy Nexus, under the name Nexus Prime. It is the first device running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Although at present, any fixed release date has not been given but the device is expected to be released pretty soon. Some of the important features of this phone include a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 4.65 inch display and 5 mega pixel main camera. For the time being, the phone would be available in 16 or 32 GB models ...

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Galaxy Nexus or Nexus Prime?

The latest and the major smartphone released with the collaboration of Google and Samsung is available for pre-orders but there seems to be confusion regarding the name of the device. Although officially the device is named Galaxy Nexus, online retailers such as Best Buy have named it as Nexus Prime in the online ads. The device named Nexus Prime LTE 4G, which is actually Galaxy Nexus, would be available for $299.99.The distinguishing feature of this phone, which apparently is being dubbed as Nexus Prime, is that it would be the very first device utilizing the latest version of Android named ...

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Galaxy Nexus unveiled

Samsung can safely be considered the market leader when it comes to the development of innovative smartphones with impressive features that are also within the reach of users with constrained budget. Samsung has been developing phones which are equipped with latest technological features on one hand and are also reasonably priced on the other. The latest innovation from Samsung in this regard is the release of another 3G high-end model nameed Samsung Galaxy Nexus and is a joint venture with Google. This phone contains reasonably impressive technical features. The device would contain a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors and ...

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Although not released yet, Galaxy Nexus makes pictures

Although Nexus Prime has not yet been released, the speculations about the features and specs of this highly anticipated device are quite high. Most recently, a few photos on Google+ account of two Google engineers named Roman Kirillov and Chris Yerga seem to be taken with the camera of Nexus Prime and this has stirred a lot of attention and interest. The picture quality, however, is quite average since it has either been taken with a 3 mega pixels of camera or Google+, while adjusting the image, has lowered the resolution. The data of the pictures confirm the fact that was ...

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Is Samsung lying about the delay of Nexus Prime release date?

The most important news circulating in the market of the mobile devices right now is the delay of the release of Nexus Prime and Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Nexus Prime is probably the most anticipated smartphone to be released in the next few months while Ice Cream Sandwich would so far be the only version of Android capable of running equally well on smartphones and tablet devices which makes it the most noteworthy version of Android so far. Nexus Prime would be among the high end devices so far released by Samsung and the second major device developed with the ...

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Google Nexus Prime

The highly anticipated CTIA exhibition from Samsung and Google is just a few days ahead where it is expected that Samsung would unveil some high end products. Of course the most important among all the expected products happens to be Google Nexus Prime which can be considered an improved version of Google Nexus, which was released last year and was received quite positively by the users. Recently a photo of this device was revealed which showed the physical structure of the phone in quite detail. The device seems to be pretty slim with beautiful structure from the initial pictures but ...

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Nexus Prime launched in UK

 Just when the anticipation for the new mysterious and high end device from Samsung and Google named Nexus Prime or Galaxy Nexus was at its highest point, it has been announced that the release of the device has been postponed. This is certainly quite shocking news for many people since everything seemed to be set for this release on Samsung’s Unpacked Event to be held on 11th of October. According to the resources, this delay in release was caused due to the untimely death of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. The announcement of this delay was made by a joint announcement by ...

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