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Samsung Galaxy Note review

Galaxy Note is among the most popular devices that Samsung has released during the last couple of years. When the device was announced by Samsung, various tech analysts had serious reservations about the success of the device, considering the unusual size of the device which many considered uncomfortable for users. However, Galaxy Note proved to be a market success and after several months of its release, is still selling well.   Galaxy Note is a 4G enabled smart phone with a powerful processor and a 5.3 inch high resolution screen, making it a perfect cross between a tablet and a smart phone. ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note will be available under contract with T-Mobile

Samsung Galaxy Note, against all the predictions and warnings, has proven to be one of the most successful devices Samsung has ever produced. This giant of a device, which caused a lot of suspicion due to its size, was launched during the CES in January. And since the launch of the phone, Samsung has already sold some 5 million units of it which amounts to about 1 million units per month. This is certainly amazing but there might be even more success in store for this phone. In the US market, Galaxy Note is only available under contract with AT&T ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note will be released in Japan on April 6th

Galaxy Note is among the most unique devices that you would be able to spot in the market of the smart phones and it was certainly a bold step from Samsung to manufacture such a device. The phone was launched in October last year and now that six months have passed since its release, it seems that the device is not doing badly in the market. Initially, there were several reservations considering the giant size of the device and people were not certain whether the device would actually be successful in the real world, the phone has turned out to ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note has hit the Canadian market

 Finally Samsung Galaxy Note, one of the most famous and highly desired mobile devices from Samsung, has hit the Canadian market. So far Canadian users were not able to enjoy this hell of a device but finally they would be able to enjoy the experience of Galaxy Note. Galaxy Note has been introduced in Canada by Bell and Telus, one of the three major carriers in Canadian market. The device, at present, would be available at a price of $199.9 along with a three year contract with the carrier. There is no information about the price of the unlocked version of ...

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