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Samsung would be using AMOLED display for its HD smart phones

While the specs like the processor speed and RAM are quite important when it comes to smart phones, it seems that the display of the device is also becoming highly important and more and more companies are paying attention on it. Recently, HTC released its HTC J Butterfly smart phones which would be the first smart phone with full HD display. Now sources have revealed that Samsung and LG are also working on similar smart phones with HD display. According to the information, both companies would be launching full-HD active matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) and liquid-crystal display (LCD) in the ...

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Samsung seems to have no intention of pursuing Bada seriously

Last year Samsung announced that it would be paying increased attention to its own mobile operating system named Bada OS. This was because Google had emerged as a direct competitor with its acquisition of Motorola and Samsung feared that Google would have increased advantage due to the ownership of Android and hence there should be a viable alternative. However, Bada needed to go a long way before it would catch up with Android and iOS in terms of apps and phones. Recently, the CEO of Verizon, Lowell McAdam said that the carrier might be ready to support Bada based devices if ...

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Samsung wants to get hold of the patent portofolio of Nokia

With the onslaught of handsets from Samsung and other major tech giants, Nokia has been struggling with its mobile domain. There have been rumors lately that Microsoft might acquire Nokia in near future and not only that, one source has also claimed that Samsung would soon acquire Nokia. This was revealed by a Finnish publication who said that a source inside the stock exchange has given out this piece of information and it does carry weight since the shares of Nokia have started rising without any apparent reason. The main intention of Samsung, according to the same source, is to ...

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Samsung announced the intention to start the production of flexible displays on a massive scale

Flexible displays for mobile devices would most probably be an important area of production in the domain of mobile devices in future. Previously, the prototypes and patents for flexible displays have been seen by several tech giants but recently Samsung has announced the intention to start the production of flexible displays on a massive scale. The production of these displays would start in late 2012 and the devices showcasing these displays would be launched by Samsung in 2013. This new patent from Samsung has recently shown up that would give some very interesting form factors to smart phones and tablet ...

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Samsung could develop first smartphone with Intel CPU

Rumor has it that Samsung is intending to develop the first Intel powered smartphone that would be using Android 4.0 OS and would most probably be introduced during next year's CES. According to reliable resources, Intel has been working on Medfield processors, which would specifically be optimized for mobile devices and would run operating systems like Ice Cream Sandwich perfectly. Also it has come to be known that special Clover Trail chipsets for tablets are also being developed. Intel also plans to reduce the size from 32 nm to 14 nm in a couple of years. Intel is without a doubt ...

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Hello World of SAMSUNG Phone Users! LAUNCHES

New Service Dedicated To SAMSUNG Phones Users & Unlocking Professionals This is a great day for all SAMSUNG phones owners and an important milestone for us. As you may know we have had a great success operating the and now I am proud of our team who has been working to bring what we hope to be the best possible unlocking service for SAMSUNG phones.  Currently we are on Beta phase, but still will offering two INSTANT unlocking services for all US and Europe SAMSUNG phones. After the Beta will end we will do our best to extend the service so ...

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