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Samsung Galaxy Note will be available under contract with T-Mobile

Samsung Galaxy Note, against all the predictions and warnings, has proven to be one of the most successful devices Samsung has ever produced. This giant of a device, which caused a lot of suspicion due to its size, was launched during the CES in January. And since the launch of the phone, Samsung has already sold some 5 million units of it which amounts to about 1 million units per month. This is certainly amazing but there might be even more success in store for this phone. In the US market, Galaxy Note is only available under contract with AT&T ...

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Samsung Galaxy S 4G Blaze is available at very reasonable price

Among the latest inexpensive Samsung devices that T-Mobile has been releasing, having support for its 4G network, Samsung Galaxy S 4G Blaze can be considered one of the best choices around. This device is available under contract with T-Mobile at an extremely reasonable price of just $199.99. Samsung Galaxy S2, on the other hand, is available for $229.99 and its technical specifications are much better, but still for people with constraint budget, Galaxy 4G Blaze seems to be the perfect choice.   The technical specifications of this phone are not the same as the best top end devices from Samsung in the ...

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Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G will be released in March

While the exact information about the release of the most anticipated Samsung device, Galaxy S 3, remains unknown, several other Samsung phones keep showing up. One of these phones happens to be Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G that would probably be released in March. This is according to a recent confirmation that came from T-Mobile. This device would operate on T-Mobile HSPA +42 networks. This would be among the high end Android based devices from Samsung and would showcase some very fine hardware and software features. The phone would come stocked with various entertainment and navigation apps. Some of the ...

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Galaxy Nexus or Nexus Prime available in US in 2 days

Pre-orders for latest Samsung plus Google phone, Galaxy Nexus, were previously announced to start from 29th of Nov but it did not happen and the new date is yet to be announced. The most remarkable fact about this phone is that it would be running the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. But of course there are other impressive high end features as well. For example, we would have a powerful 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and 4.65-inch Super AMOLED screen with 1280×720 resolution. This display is equal to 316ppi which is not much less than iPhone 4S display of ...

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T Mobile brings Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

The news that the WiFi only version of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 would hit the US market on 13th of Nov is well know but now the latest piece of information is that only a few days after that, the version of the tab equipped with HSPA+ connectivity is also be available. So it would be a lot better if you could manage to wait a few more days and get your hand on a lot better device. T-Mobile has also announced that the version supporting 4G would be available for orders starting from 16th of Nov and would be ...

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Samsung Galaxy S2 hits USA

After the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S last year, it proved to be a huge success in the UK. The version that was released for US was, however, slightly different than the original Galaxy S. Now the latest news is that Samsung is planning to release several versions of Samsung Galaxy S2 for the US market. It is expected that the versions for all four major carriers would slightly differ from each other. let's see the key differences of these devices from each other. Verizon Wireless: LTE Slider: This is just the codename of the device since the actual name has ...

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