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Samsung Galaxy S3 in Barcelona?

Samsung still seems to be perplexed whether to launch the upcoming model of its Galaxy phone during the MWC or not. Previously, everyone seemed to be almost sure that Samsung would not announce the device during the event and would instead choose to delay the release for a couple of more months. It was considered a settled matter but now it appears that the chances of Galaxy S3 being released during this event are not really nil. Samsung has officially said that the company is "reviewing several options when to launch” this phone and there are chances that it might ...

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Galaxy S3 could be released in several weeks

So far, Samsung has released several variations of its most famous smartphone to the date, that is, Samsung Galaxy S2. Last September, Samsung had announced to release Galaxy S2 HDE LTE for the Korean market. Recently, Samsung has also released its Galaxy S2 Skyrocket for the US market. It is expected that similar variation of the device would soon be made available for the UK market. But what is expected even more is that Samsung Galaxy S3 would be hitting the shelves within a few months, most probably in April. Previously, there were rumors that Samsung might release this updated ...

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Galaxy S3 could be released in MWC Barcelona

After the immense success of Galaxy S2, Samsung is now all set to release the next model in the Galaxy line of smart phones, Samsung Galaxy S3. Galaxy S2 is probably the closest rival of iPhone to the date and with the release of Galaxy S3 this year, this competition would further stiffen. A photo has been released which is supposedly taken with a phone code named GT-I9500, and this numbering pattern is similar to the previous phones from the Galaxy line. This leaked photo was taken by someone inside Samsung’s R&D labs in South Korea. Some also believe that ...

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Galaxy S3 could be the first Samsung with 3D

Samsung Galaxy S2 was released in the summer of 2011 and so far it happens to be the most popular smart phone released by Samsung. This device has quite a large screen and now Samsung is planning to release the next model of the device, Samsung Galaxy S3. This model is said to come with some pretty exciting features, one of them being 3D facilities. Some of the technical specifications that we can expect in Samsung Galaxy S3 include a Super AMOLED Plus HD display having screen resolution of 1280x720, quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM memory. Most noteworthy aspect, ...

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Samsung Galaxy S3 image and specs

Samsung has been consistently attracting the attention and praise of common users and critics alike with its Galaxy S series. Previous two models of this series happen to be among the most famous smartphones in the industry and Samsung has been planning to release the third model with the name of Galaxy S III in near future. Recently, a few snapshots about the roadmap leading to the development of this remarkable device were revealed which show the physical structure and some of the technical specs of the device. From the apparent physical structure of the phone, it seems that Samsung has ...

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Galaxy S3 could present us a super camera

Samsung just did great with its Galaxy S II which could be considered the closest rival of Apple’s iPhone. Now from some leaked news it appears that Samsung has been working on Galaxy S3 which would most probably be released in mid 2012. The technical specifications of this new device seem to be very impressive, although complete details of these specs is not known yet. Perhaps the most noteworthy technical feature of Samsung Galaxy S3 would be the probable 16 MP of camera that would be a part of it. Previously, there were rumors about a 12 mega pixels camera being ...

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