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AT&T brings new LTE phones on the market

In a massive new unveiling step, AT&T has just announced the release of some of the very best high end devices equipped with LTE technology. To start with, we will see three Samsung LTE devices: Samsung Galaxy Note,  Galaxy S II Skyrocket LTE and Samsung . Galaxy Note was released in Europe since last year and it is expected in US since then. Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note were already available on eBay but on unfair prices. Galaxy S II Skyrocket, on the other hand, is not available on Europe and people from UK, Austria and France have to pay the ...

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AT&T LTE network

AT&T’s famous 4G LTE network was launched for five main US markets last months named Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. And now remarkable news is that Samsung and HTC would be releasing their upcoming devices under a two year contract with AT&T, fully supporting this latest 4G LTE network. According to the released information, HTC Vivid would be available at $199.99 while Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket would come at $249.99. These two devices contain some pretty impressive specs. For example, Skyrocket would be running on a 1.5 GHz dual core processor and would come with a 4.5-inch ...

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