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Samsung seems to have no intention of pursuing Bada seriously

Last year Samsung announced that it would be paying increased attention to its own mobile operating system named Bada OS. This was because Google had emerged as a direct competitor with its acquisition of Motorola and Samsung feared that Google would have increased advantage due to the ownership of Android and hence there should be a viable alternative. However, Bada needed to go a long way before it would catch up with Android and iOS in terms of apps and phones. Recently, the CEO of Verizon, Lowell McAdam said that the carrier might be ready to support Bada based devices if ...

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Samsung intends to release a Windows 8 based model of Galaxy S3

The release of the next model of Galaxy phone, Samsung Galaxy S3, was just a few days ago and rumors have started emerging that Samsung also intends to release a Windows 8 based model of the device. According to the sources, Samsung would rename this device as Samsung Focus S2 for the American market while for the European market, it would be named Omnia phone. Samsung has been following this naming convention for quite a while and it appears that it would be followed in future as well. Sources have further revealed that this Windows 8 based phone would come with a ...

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Samsung is planning to release a Windows 8 phone

The main focus of all attention in the smart phones market happens to be Samsung Galaxy S3 Although it is generally considered that Galaxy S3 would be the most important and closest rival of iPhone 5, recent news reveal that Samsung has another giant device to compete with the iPhone, other than Galaxy S3. The details about the technical specifications of this mysterious device have not been revealed but according to the sources, this would be a windows 8 based quad core phone. Other than being equipped with the quad core processor, this phone would also showcase higher resolution, although ...

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