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Technical specification of Samsung Galaxy XCover

Technical specification of Samsung Galaxy XCover

Samsung is probably the tech giant that has released more rugged phone than any other major company, and we are about to have another major rugged phone from Samsung. This phone is Galaxy XCover and would be among the mid range devices with respect to technical specifications. The technical specs of the rugged phones are not really very impressive but then again, their being rugged phone is something that makes them special. With these phones, there is no need to replace your phone every time you drop it accidentally. Physical structure of the phone is certainly impressive and the device would do great for any careless person who drops his or her phone too often. This device, like other rugged phones from Samsung, is also airtight. This means that it is completely water resistant and is also immune to damage caused by dust and other contaminants. Besides, the display of the phone is also manufactured from the anti-scratch solution that is made from tempered glass, which makes it completely scratch resistant. According to Samsung, this display is about five times tougher from regular glass display which is certainly impressive. The phone can also be used in water and can tolerate water pressure up to a depth of one meter. Besides, it can also remain quite safe and sound in water for about thirty minutes.

Gary Twohig, Samsung’s spokesman said that this device is a perfect blend of rugged phone specifications and good design. The phone does not compromise on design, unlike many other rugged phones, while providing the features of rugged phones such as being water, dust and scratch resistant. So far, detailed technical specifications of Galaxy XCover have not been officially announced by Samsung. All we know is that this phone would be running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and would also contain a 3 mega pixel back end camera. These specifications are certainly not the very best in the market but then again, the real quality of the device lies elsewhere. At the initial stage, the device would only be released in the Ireland market, but hopefully we would soon be able to see a worldwide release. However, Samsung has so far not announced any official release date and price of the phone for a wider release. Most probably that would happen within the next few weeks or so.

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