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Technical specifications for Samsung Galaxy S Blaze

Technical specifications for Samsung Galaxy S Blaze

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze is among the latest platoon of high and mid end smart phones that Samsung has released so far during this year. This phone was announced by Samsung during January this year and was released during March.
This is a mid range device and the technical specifications are also quite in line with the mid range phones. It would have reasonable physical dimensions of 121.7 x 62.9×11.2 mm and a weight of about 127 g. We would have a 3.97 inch screen equipped with multi touch and Samsung’s TouchWIZ user interface coupled with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The phone might get an ICS update in near future but so far there is no official word on this. It would be powered by 1.5 GHz dual core Scorpion processor and have a RAM memory of 1 GB. There would also be a 5 mega pixel rare end camera on board along with another 1.3 mega pixel front end camera. This phone can be considered a toned down version of Galaxy S2 so for the people whose budget does not allow them to go for the high end devices, this can be a pretty decent choice. Compared to Galaxy S2, other than the main technical specifications, this device is a bit thicker and its size is also a bit small. The phone has a pretty decent voice quality and comes with HSPA+ 42 network support. Battery attached with this phone is also good and a talk time of about 6 hours and sixteen minutes is easily afforded.
Downloading on this device is very efficient and the 4G network support does its charm. Just like the Galaxy S2, it is powered by the 1.5 GHz Snapdragon process but although Galaxy S2 would be having the ICS update, there is no information about any such update for this phone. From the software side, a variety of apps from Android Market can be used other than the pre-installed apps. Besides, Samsung’s Media and Social Hub also provide the facility of downloadable music and other content. Overall, although this phone is not as good as the actual Galaxy S2, the two devices have a lot in common and if you missed the former because of low budget, here’s a chance for you and play around with the young brother of Galaxy S2.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S Blaze

Once this phone was released, you can unlock Samsung Galaxy S Blaze following some simple steps and at a very low cost. The procedure is simple and it doesn’t take long.

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