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Technical specs for Samsung Galaxy S4

Technical specs for Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S3 is easily the most sold and most successful phone in the history of Samsung and even though several months have passed since the release of the device, it is still selling like hot cakes. However, there are people who already have their eyes on the next version of the device, Samsung Galaxy S 4, which is expected to be released in the start of 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S3 was almost perfect from all aspects, although some people criticized the design of the device. Keeping this in consideration, it seems that there would be a few design changes in the upcoming model of the device. There have been various design change suggestions for Samsung and users can even see photos of alternate designs over the internet.

For instance, the latest proposed design image for Samsung Galaxy S 4 presents a very sleek and stylish device with better premium finish and feel. The rear of the handset appears to be more textured and it also seems free from that plastic-feel that made Galaxy S3 look rather cheap. The proposed design also shows back and front end camera sensors. Among the rumors about the upcoming model of Galaxy phone, we expect a 12 megapixel camera with the video capture featuring stereo sound.

The latest major upgrade of Android has been seen upon the release of Nexus 4 from Google and most probably the next update would appear just around the time Galaxy S 4 would be released. So we can certainly expect to see the next version of the OS on Galaxy S 4. Other important changes that we can expect to see in the next version include support for LTE and NFC, enhanced version of S Voice, a more powerful processor (probably 2GHz quad-core Exynos processor), and probably increased size of the display.

Samsung has also been working on flexible Youm display for a while and it won’t be surprising if we see one of these flexible displays on either Samsung Galaxy S 4 or Galaxy Note 3. Finally, we would also need a larger battery capacity to compliment all the features. Let’s wait and see what features Samsung actually decides to incorporate in the upcoming version of Galaxy phone. Samsung would certainly take it seriously, since Galaxy phones are the best devices from Samsung.

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