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The future of Samsung phones

The future of Samsung phones

Youm-SamsungSamsung has not only been releasing high end gadgets with impressive market value, it has also been pushing the boundaries of innovation in the tech world. The most recent in this innovative line of products happens to be a flexible display which was showcased by Samsung during the International CES gadgets show in Las Vegas. Users in future would be able to fold their smartphones and tablets and put them in their pockets, thanks to these displays.

A phone consisting of the flexible display was demonstrated by Brian Berkeley, head of Samsung Electronics Co.’s display lab in San Jose, Calif. The displayed phone had a small enclosure to contain the paper-thin and flexible color screen after it is folded. In addition to this, a video featuring a device that could open like a book containing a tablet sized screen was also shown.

Organic light-emitting diodes are used on the surface of this display in order to brighten it. This is not the first time Samsung is working with this technology. There are already various Samsung devices that use OLEDs. Only difference is that the OLEDs have previously been used only on glass displays and this would be the first time Samsung would be using it with a plastic display.

A device with a flexible display has a huge advantage of easy mobility. Imagine a tablet that you can actually fold and keep in your pockets while roaming around. Another phone with rigid display but bent around the edges was also displayed during the CES. This physical structure allows the users to see the incoming messages even with a covered screen. This means there won’t be any more need of developing gadgets with curved screens.

There are, however, a few reservations about the use of these kinds of displays. For instance, OLED chemicals are extremely sensitive to Oxygen and for proper functioning it would need to be made sure that the display is completely sealed off form air. Production of air-tight flexible displays in large volumes has so far not been done. Besides, Samsung needs to work further on the technology since the present displays cannot completely fold, they can only bend to a certain degree.

The concept of flexible displays has been talked about in the tech world for quite a while. Samsung has not given any official world about the date when these displays might be installed in the devices which would be available commercially.


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