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The new launch date of Samsung Galaxy S3 it would be May 3

The new launch date of Samsung Galaxy S3 it would be May 3

Samsung has finally confirmed the new launch date of Samsung Galaxy S3, and it would be May 3. The phone would be launched during the Samsung event at Earls Court, London. However, so far no technical specifications are known beyond rumors and speculations. The new device is expected to be a quad core phone and this would include it among the very few quad core smart phones around. A video is circulating over the Internet that supposedly unveils the technical specifications of Galaxy S3. According to this video, this phone would come with a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor and would have 1 GB of RAM memory. Other technical specifications, as described in that video, include 16 GB of internal storage capacity, 4.6 inch HD display, Android Ice Cream Sandwich and 8 mega pixel rare end camera.

The event during which we would see the launch of this famed device would take place in London. However, unlike previous Samsung phone, we would see a simultaneous worldwide release this time. Last time, when Samsung released Galaxy S2, it took a couple of months for the device to hit the US market after its official launch in UK. Maybe this was one of the main reasons why Samsung delayed the release of Galaxy S3 at least a couple of times. However, we do expect that various variants of the phone would be released, mainly depending upon the technology that is supported in the particular place of release. At present, Samsung might only release the 4G enabled version of phone and keep 3G enabled devices for later.

So far no details are known about the price of the phone as well. The price, most probably, would not be different from other high end devices such as Galaxy S 2 and Galaxy Nexus at the time of launch. The price of Galaxy Nexus was 520 at the time of the launch while it was available under contract for 36 in the coming days. As for Galaxy S 2, its prince at the time of launch was 520 and the set was available under contract for 46 per month, which was no doubt quite expensive. But the initial price did not retain and fall in price followed quite soon. There are various rumors circulating about the technical specs of the device and those rumors would continue until the launch takes place. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the big event.

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