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Three new Samsung phone models to support Wi-Fi

Three new Samsung phone models to support Wi-Fi

Getting to know about the next possible move of a tech giant is not very difficult in the mobile phones industry these days. This is because the devices need to go through several processes and certifications before they are actually launched in the market, and it is next to impossible to keep the devices completely secret during all these processes. Same is the case when it comes to getting devices certified from WiFi Alliance. Recently, four major devices were spotted during being certified from the WiFi Alliance. Three of these devices belonged to Samsung while one of them was an HTC device.
The three devices from Samsung include Samsung T999, Samsung i535 and Samsung L710. Samsung T999 is speculated to be the famed Samsung S blaze 4G which was officially announced during the CES at Las Vegas. The device would most probably be launched during the fall of this year. Then we have Samsung i535 which is of course the code name of the device, and we don’t have any further information on this device, not even the actual name of the device. Third device from Samsung happens to be Samsung L710, whose identity is again quite doubtful. It is possible that this is the code name of the next Sprint phone but we are not sure about the details as yet. Technical specifications, price and everything else about all these devices is also largely unknown. After Samsung, we have an HTC device that showed up during the certifications. This device happens to be HTC Fireball, which had already been spotted at Verizon’s system during December. However, just like the three Samsung devices, there is no information regarding the technical spec and other details about this device as well.
Now that these devices have showed up for the WiFi certification, we can expect that they would officially be announced quite soon, possibly this summer. This can happen even sooner than we are expecting, since a lot of new faces would be launched during the Mobile World Congress . This grand event would certainly showcase some of the finest upcoming products from tech giants and the four devices that have been spotted might just one of those products.

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