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Tizen vs Android? This is the question for some Samsung users

Tizen vs Android? This is the question for some Samsung users

Tizen-vs-AndroidSamsung is without a doubt one of the leaders of mobile phone market, particularly the smartphones. During 2012, the company launched some of its most successful devices of all time, most notably Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. All of the high end successful devices from Samsung are so far Google Android based. However, it seems that Samsung wants to reduce its dependence on Google, which is why it recently announced to invest in Tizen, an open source mobile operating system that provides more opportunities for third party developers.

Samsung has announced that with the backing of Intel Corporation, the company would launch Tizen based smartphones in 2013. At present, Samsung is the biggest seller of Android based mobile devices in the market which means that it is largely dependent on Google. If the interest of Samsung and Intel keeps growing on Tizen front, more companies are expected to follow.

Samsung has not given any official information about the exact release time tablet for these devices. However, a Japanese paper recently reported that Samsung would launch these devices before the end of this year. Samsung and other tech giants using Android started getting concerned after Google acquired Motorola Mobility and emerged as a direct rival to all those companies. Even though Google reassured them at the initial stages, eventually it went ahead and openly supported Droid RAZR MAXX HD by comparing its battery life with that of Samsung Galaxy S 3 and calling the former’s battery better than the later.

At present, the smartphone market is largely dominated by either Android or iOS. There are other operating systems such as BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8, but their market share is significantly smaller. Besides, rumor also has it that Google is developing a smartphone called Xphone which it intends on launching as a direct rival of Galaxy S 3. When it comes to Windows 8 platform, Samsung is still behind HTC and Nokia, even though it has a partnership with Microsoft about Windows Phone 8 hardware.

Samsung previously worked on its own Bada OS for a while and also launched a few smartphones running that OS. However, it did not prove to be a very successful and viable alternative to Google’s Android OS. There are also rumors that Samsung might release Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy Note 3 with Tizen, but that seems highly unlikely. But we sure might see some other Tizen devices from Samsung in 2013.

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