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Unlock Galaxy Nexus in US starting 2012

Unlock Galaxy Nexus in US starting 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note has a class and uniqueness of its own, since you can’t really strictly categorize it as a smartphone or a tablet. Having a huge 5.3 inch Super AMOLED screen and 1280 x 800 pixels, this is certainly a giant smartphone. The device weighs 178 grams and runs on a powerful 1.4 GHz processor. Using Android Gingerbread, the phone has support for LTE, EDGE and GPRS networks. The 16 GB of internal memory is expandable up to 32 GB with the microSD card. The display of this phone is specifically impressive with its 285ppi resolution which is quite a feat for any device. At this resolution, watching videos, seeing images and reading web pages would be a delightful experience. Brightness of the screen is also higher than most other smartphones in the market. Larger display would inevitably also facilitate easy typing with larger keys. Besides, you can also use the S Pen for drawing and writing which accompanies this phone. Unlike Galaxy Nexus, the audio quality of Galaxy Note is also very good and listening music would certainly be a treat. However, making phone calls might not be the very best use of this device due to its large size.

Camera of this device, with the facility of HD video recording, is among the top smartphone cameras. Image quality as well as video shooting is of high quality and fine contrast. The S Pen that comes with the phone is considerably different than the conventional stylus. Unlike stylus, the S Pen has an ability to tap and hold to capture an instant screenshot and further open it in the image editor. Drawing and taking notes with the S Pen is also easy and delightful. Another good thing about Samsung Galaxy Note is impressive battery life which can be considered almost equal to that of iPad. The 2500mAh battery of the device is certainly a plus point. If you have large hands and hence pockets, you would certainly love this device and its functionality. The sale of this device in UK and Germany started on 21st October and 3rd November respectively. Besides, the device has also been launched in France, Canada and several other countries but the sale for US has not started as yet. When it would, the device would most probably be available under contract as well as in unlocked form. Users can also unlock Galaxy Note after buying it cheaper though IMEI method which is quite simple and straightforward.

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