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Unlock Samsung Galaxy Nexus in UK starting October 17th

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Nexus in UK starting October 17th

Samsung Galaxy Nexus was previously planned to be released during the second week of October but the release was postponed due to unknown reasons. Now according to the leaked news by Amazon, which was later confirmed by Samsung itself, Galaxy Nexus would be available for sale in UK from November 17th onwards. This is certainly good news for Nexus fans and those waiting to use the next version of Android, since Galaxy Nexus will use the latest version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich). Other updated features would be an additional delight.

For those who were waiting for this device, they can sign up for the pre-orders for handsets which would be available under contract with Vodafone, O2 and 3UK. However, the device would also be available for sale without any contract but at a higher price. Galaxy Nexus was certainly one of the most highly anticipated smartphone devices of 2011 and the announcement of a final release date would be a source of relief for the fans.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Nexus

If you decide to buy a Samsung Galaxy Nexus from one of UK operators (Vodafone, O2 or 3UK) you will be able to pay less than if you bought it contract free. The only problem is that your Galaxy Nexus will be locked. We will unlock Galaxy Nexus through a factory unlock code. It is the fastest and most reliable way to unlock Samsung Galaxy Nexus and it gives you the freedom to upgrade your software without loosing the unlock.

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