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Unlocking services for Samsung on hold for the moment

Unlocking services for Samsung on hold for the moment

The unlocking services for Samsung devices seem to be on hold these days, particularly as the last 72 hours were quite hard on the users who wanted to have their Samsung phones unlocked. The entire fiasco started once with the Chinese New Year celebrations a few days ago. During the Chinese New Year, many unlocking service providers were on vacation, hence their services became unavailable on a wide scale. After the end of the New Year celebrations, due to unknown reasons, the unlocking services were still not resumed. Moreover, the situation was not confined to the Chinese market, so the European market and USA clients were also affected. During the last 72 hours, virtually all the unlock service providers stopped their services and haven’t resumed them so far.

Initially, the official announcement stated that the code services were due to become operational starting with Tuesday. However, this didn’t happen so a second announcement followed, according to which the services would become available again on Friday or starting with Friday. Major changes also occurred in the price range of the unlocking codes and the level of services. The users who have already submitted the requests for unlocking services with SAMSUNG imei Unlock would get their unlock codes at the same rate but those who would apply for the unlocking services from now on would have to pay the increased price. Noteworthy is that the charges have increased up to 8 USD, which is quite expensive. These charges are not confined to only a few service providers but would be applied on a wide scale, hence there seems to be no way around this.

‘We have ceased to allow orders yesterday because the factory code supplier can’t process anything until Friday. We have a lot of clients waiting for their codes and we kindly apologies to them. Even if some of them are waiting since Sunday, they don’t accept being refunded because the prices for unlock codes increased (even if they don’t exist) and a refund with us will put them on the bottom of the waiting list to any other provider. This situation is without precedent and is totally out of our seller’s control. We will provide the codes for the same price for those who already ordered them but we will increase the price as soon as we can process orders again.’ says Michael Scott cofounder

Bottom line is that the unlocking services are not available at the moment. All the retailers who were providing the unlocking services through IMEI codes are not taking any orders at present and the orders would only resume starting with Friday. So if you are planning to have your Samsung phone unlocked, you would not only have to wait till Friday, you would also have to pay extra bucks for the services. The reasons for this halt and increased amount, however, are not quite clear at present. We will keep you updated with news on the issue.


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