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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions About IMEI Unlocking

Is IMEI unlocking permanent?

YES! We sell original SAMSUNG factory codes - the very same codes used and sold by the carriers. Using these codes you can permanently unlock your handset.

Once unlocked, can I update my SAMSUNG?

YES! Because supporting IMEI unlock it is a standard functionality of your phone and not a hack. This means that after unlock you can install any application or even update the firmware.

Do I need to root my SAMSUNG in order to unlock it?

NO! You just need to insert the code provided by us. Please read further on our Help Center:

Unlocking also un-brands my SAMSUNG?

NO! Unbranding is a different things and you cannot achieve it if you unlock your handset. Unbranding can be done if you install a different version of firmware into your handset (not the version of the carrier that sold the phone).

Is SIM unlocking illegal?

We do not know a place in the world where exists laws that prohibits you from unlocking your phone. Anyhow you can confirm this by checking your local legislation before proceeding to the unlocking.

What is SIM unlocking?

Our service enables you to network unlock your SAMSUNG allowing you to use it with any SIM of any compatible carrier, all over the world.

Are there any risks?

As there is a functionality of your handset normally there is no risk involved! Anyhow as nothing is 100% certain you need to be aware that although very unlikely still can appear issues generated by some bugs of the phone software, existing hardware failures of your specific handsets or any other issues that we cannot foreseen at this moment.

How long it takes to receive the unlock code?

Usually we deliver the codes in less than 15 minutes. If you haven't received the code in time check your SPAM folders or check for an online copy of the email with the code. Anyhow very rarely (~1% of our orders) processing an order it could take up to 24 hours. This happens because sometimes from security reasons our system requires manual review for some orders.

Unlocking will allow my phone to work with other NON-GSM standards (eg. LTE, CDMA,...)?

Unfortunately No! No unlock, software patch or hack can change a phone to support a different technology.

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