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Archive for August, 2012

Speculations regarding the possible launch of a Windows 8 based phone from Samsung

Generally speaking, owners of Windows 8 devices such as Nokia Lumia 900 are not as enthusiastic about upcoming Windows 8 phones as Android users, in fact much less. The immense enthusiasm that is seen upon each new release of iOS or next version of Android is virtually non-existent when it comes to Windows devices. However, while many Windows users might not be satisfied with the performance of their device or the operating system that runs on it, there are many who would still be looking forward to any improvement in this regard.   A glimpse of hope for Windows Phone 8 users ...

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Samsung would be purchasing chipmaker CSR’s technology

Samsung has announced the use of CSR technology and employees to improve the usage of its smart phones and tablets. This would be made possible after the recent announcement of Samsung that it would be purchasing chipmaker CSR's technology for mobile phone connectivity and location services for 310 million dollars.   Samsung has been doing extremely well in the market of smart phones and the latest phone from Samsung, Galaxy S3, is proving to be the most popular smart phone after Apple’s iPhone. According to tech analysts, this phone would have a considerable impact on the market share of Apple in the ...

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Rumors regarding the discontinuation of 64 GB version of Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung is having a real tough time in fulfilling the immense demand for its latest handset, Samsung Galaxy S3. Already there were the largest pre-orders in history that have existed for any smart phone, a fact that surprised the tech analysts as well as Samsung itself. Almost all major mobile carriers ran out of the stock within a week and further taking of orders was delayed for an indefinite time.   Amidst all this development, a rumor started spreading over the internet that 64 GB version of the phone has not only gone out of the stock, Samsung discontinued the production of ...

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