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Galaxy Note Review

Galaxy Note Review

Samsung has recently released Galaxy Note which is quite a remarkable device in that it would be blending the important features of a tablet and a smart phone in one device. This device comes with a massive 5.3 inch screen which cannot be found on any other smart phone. You can call it a mini tablet or a large smartphone since it fulfills both purposes. The design of this device is very similar to the recent smart phone from Samsung, Galaxy S II and the featherweight plastic back is also same on both devices. This part fits very well with the overall structure of the device, although at times you might have to make a bit of an effort to access the SIM and microSD card slots, thanks to the large size of the device.

From the size it might look a heavy device but in fact it happens to be quite lightweight. However, due to the large size, it is quite hard to use the phone with one hand. The display of the device, with its adjustable brightness and impressive resolution of 800 x 1,280, is very impressive with the usual Super AMOLED technology. Another addition is a Stylus with the name of S-Pen which would help you in sketching and scribbling. One negative thing, however, is that there is no hand-writing feature with the device. Due to large screen and fine display, browsing and surfing on this device is also a delight. Overall, the awkward size of the device might a bit uneasy for some people, but it has been receiving positive reviews as yet.

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