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Galaxy S2 will be brought by AT&T starting October 2nd

Galaxy S2 will be brought by AT&T starting October 2nd

Samsung Galaxy S2 is the most recent addition in the smartphones list from Samsung. This phone was recently released under contract with Spring wireless in the US, while it was decided that the device would also be released under two other carriers. Now the latest news from AT&T Mobiles has revealed that Samsung Galaxy S2 would be released under contract with AT&T as soon as Oct 2nd, which means within a week from now. According to the official news from AT&T as released on Twitter, the device would be available for $199.99 and would come with a two years contract. Minimum data requirement for the phone would be $15 per month. This news was certainly much anticipated by the users of Galaxy S2 in the US market. For those who want to get an unlocked Galaxy S2 instead of purchasing it under contract, this device would be available at $549.99.
Samsung Galaxy S2 is without a doubt one of the best smartphones that have been released so far in 2011 and can safely be considered the closest competitor to Apple’s iPhone4. Another reason for this high anticipation was that the device released by AT&T is closest in form to the original device relased by Samsung earlier this year. Most of the technical specifications of Galaxy S2 Attain resemble with the original version of Galaxy S2. Originally, the device has screen dimensions of 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.49 mm and weighs 116g. Like most of the recent smartphones from Samsung, this phone would also come with a Super AMOLED Plus screen along with impressive screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Screen size of 4.27 inches coupled with capacitive touchscreen technology is a noteworthy feature. The device would be running on a 1200 Mhz processor and would be utilizing Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Another distinguishing feature of the device happens to be an 8 MP back end camera. So basically the device is equipped with all the high end features and anyone who owns this device can certainly be proud of it. And only difference that the device released by AT&T has from the original version of Galaxy S2 is the arrangement of the buttons at the front. But the wait is almost over now and soon the users would be able to check the device on their own.

Unlock Galaxy S2 Attain

A Galaxy S2 unlocked would come with its own advantages and for those users who usually remain mobile and travel a lot. An unlocked phone would be much more beneficial since it would release them from the AT&T network lock and they won’t need to pay the roaming charges or high fees for mobile services. Unlock Samsung Attain with us and use your Galaxy S2 freely in any network.

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