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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is also available under contract with O2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is also available under contract with O2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which has quite appropriately been called the most powerful smart phone, is now also available in Titanium Grey color scheme in addition to already existent Marble White color on O2. Besides, pre-orders for the device under contract with O2 are also open and a phone with no initial payment is available at £36 per month. This package, with its facility of unlimited minutes and unlimited SMS and 2GB of inclusive data is certainly quite impressive.

The first generation version of Galaxy Note was quite successful in the market and certain improvements in the technical specs were made in the second generation version. The technical specs of the new version include a 5.6 inch super AMOLED HD display, a fast 1.6 GHz quad core processor, and 2 GB of RAM memory. The operating system for this massive smart phone, as expected, happens to be Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Besides, a wide range of useful apps from Google Play and Samsung app store are also available on the device. Many of these apps have been particularly designed to utilize the power of the S-Pen efficiently, which includes handwriting, drawing and cropping images to be used in emails, messages and social networks.

There would be an 8 mega pixel back end camera onboard with the facility of full HD video recording in 1080p format. Besides, there is also a 2 mega pixel front facing camera for video conferencing and chatting. Due to its large surface, this device is being called a ‘Phablet’, which means a cross between a tablet and a phone. The large surface makes it useful for a wide range of applications such as watching films and playing games, other than doing the usual tasks. Pre-orders for the device are being taken on the websites of major retailers.

Due to the massive 1.6 GHz processor, this phone is being called the most powerful phone in the market. The high processing power also makes it extremely useful for gamers and users of high end graphics. In comparison, iPhone 5 has a 1 GHz processor while Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with 1.4 GHz dual core processor. So clearly the processing power of Galaxy Note is much better than any other smart phone available in the market at present.

The head of Samsung Mobile, J K Shin has predicted that Samsung would manage to ship around 20 million units of the phone. This doesn’t seem very far-fetched since the first generation version of the phone managed to sell 10 million units even though predictions by many analysts were that it would be a failure.

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