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Samsung Galaxy Note available in UK under contract

Samsung Galaxy Note available in UK under contract

Among the latest smartphones released by Samsung, Galaxy Note is probably the most remarkable particularly when we consider its hardware structure and specifications that can equally fit for a tablet PC as well as a phone. Although the device happens to be among the most costly of the Android devices, Vodafone UK is planning to launch some of the cheapest deals on these devices so for, and these deals might even include a fee Android phone, most probably Galaxy Note.

The device was announced a couple of months ago and the least that was offered was £41 charge per month on the Orange network. But now Vodafone has been offering a free device that would include a monthly fee of only £36, which is cheapest so far. The new impressive deal would be applicable on Vodafone 600 tariff according to which 500MB bundle of data would be available per month on Galaxy Note which also requires an internet connection since that is crucial for some of its key features to work efficiently.

There are some other impressive facets of this deal as well. For example, there would be a special Vodafone deal with Galaxy Note according to which 600 minutes of call would be available to the users of the device which they would be able to use to call on the landlines as well as other networks. Besides, even more exciting is the offer of unlimited text messaging each month. What’s remarkable is that this deal offered by Vodafone UK happens to be £5 cheaper compared to previously best deal available by Orange Network.

Probably the most remarkable feature of this latest Android device is that it showcases a massive 5.3 inch screen which is the largest that we can have on any Android device, HTC Sensation and HTC Titan being at the second place with 4.65 inch screens. Its the dual-core 1.4 GHz processor on the device is considered to be even faster than the one present on Galaxy S II. Other important technical specifications of the device include a massive 8 mega pixel camera having the facility of HD video recording at 1080p. Working in conjunction with a stable internet connection, the device has full support for 3.5G data and access to Android market facilitates thousands of innovative applications. All these features are what make this device among the best Android based devices available so far. At present, Galaxy Note is available in UK under contracts with Orange, O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone. It is expected in US by the end of the year so clients of AT&T or T-Mobile have to wait a bit more.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note

Good news for those who buy Galaxy Note under contract with Vodafone, Orange, 3 or O2 in UK. Not only that they are paying less than the actual value of the phone but once unlocked, Galaxy Note could be used freely in any GSM network over the world, leading to zero roaming fees and cheaper tariffs to other operators. What are you waiting for? Unlock your Samsung now and enjoy using it. Samsung Galaxy Note unlock procedure is very easy and take under 15 minutes. Even more, a Galaxy Note unlocked worth more than a blocked one.

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