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Samsung Galaxy S II on Verizon Network

Samsung Galaxy S II on Verizon Network

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S II may enter the market on August 12 with improved capabilities for 4G LTE Verizon network. The phone squarely fits into the shoes of its predecessor the Galaxy S. The smart form is widely expected to have a 4.27” display. The Super AMOLED Plus Display could have an 800x 480 resolution. The device is to be fitted with an 8 mega-pixel camera with video capture capability of 1080p. On the front, a 2mega-pixel cam with capabilities for video chat is expected. The smart phone will run on Android platform. On top of that, the Samsung Galaxy S2 will have a user interface that supports TouchWiz 4.0.
Additionally, the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S2 will have NFC support on a variety of its versions. At the same time, the device will be built inside a body that is about 8.49mm thick. Thus, Samsung Galaxy S2 will most likely be the thinnest smartphone to enter the market. The phone will have a 1.2 GHz Duo Core processor and Random Access Memory (RAM) of 1 GB.
The Samsung Galaxy S2 is truly a beauty to behold. Most of its features resemble those of Samsung Infuse 4G. Its thinness alone is a remarkable feature for a smartphone and you can feel it in your hands. Then, there is the big surface area to volume ratio that makes the phone a design wonder.
Gamers have a reason to smile for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with a Game hub that is poised to rival major game consoles such as the Sony Play Station. The hub is said to allow for overriding of download limits set in the Android market. Of course, the device will have support for social connectivity and other modes of entertainment.
The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S2 boasts of fast and smooth processing speeds that allow for multi-tasking and high uploading/ downloading rates. The Super AMOLED Plus display gives clear and bright images. The device is slated for entry into European and Asia markets sometime within the month. Little is known about Samsung’s plans for the US and Canadian Markets.

Unlock Galaxy S2

Galaxy S2 will surely blow the minds of many users. Users will always have nice things to say about the phone’s processing speeds, call quality, picture quality and TouchWiz functionality. Have your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S2 unlocked and enjoy its incredible features. You have to unlock Galaxy S2 if you want to use it without network restrains.

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