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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Samsung Note 3. Will Note 3 downgrade the S4?

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Samsung Note 3. Will Note 3 downgrade the S4?


The South Korean manufacturer introduced this year, one of the most advanced smartphones available in the market right now., the Samsung Galaxy S4. Like its predecessors the S4 has gain popularity really fast although is facing stong competition. The device was praised for its hardware and software specifiacations but it is also criticized for the lack of creativity regarding the design and components quality. Now the market is shifting attention towards the upcoming flagship phone of Samsung, the Galaxy Note 3 we have spoked before.

The Note line-up series like S series has been enjoying fantastic success. With an oversized display and the increasing popularity of the ‘phablet’ concept, Samsung is trying to keep hitting the market with the new Note. Currently there is no confirmation whether Note 3 will come up with new improved innovative tech and software features comparing with Galaxy S4. We’re left with the rumors till the Korean manufacturer will make any announcement on Note 3.

Powerful processors

Though Samsung Galaxy S4 one of the most powerful smartphone in the mobile market right now, we hope Note 3 is going to bring tough challenge to it. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes up with a Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor running at 1.9 GHz and in some regions Samsung offers PowerVR SGX 544MP3 GPU and the new Exynos 5 Octa 5410 processor. In former, SGS4 also presents Adreno 320 graphics and it also offers two quad-core chips for a total of eight cores. Moreover, there is Cortex-A15 architecture in one of the quad-core units and it is clocked at 1.6GHz and another quad-core is of Cortex-A7 type and its frequency is 1.2 GHz. The news about Note 3 is that this ‘phablet’ will come up with an Exynos 5 Octa Core without considering the retail market. Note 3 will present one model, one processor and the CPU will come along a Mali 450 graphics chip boasting 8 cores

Memory and RAM capacity

For the U.S market, only the 16GB model of Galaxy S4 has been available and CNET soon informed that Smasung is planning to expand its storage up to a 32GB model, that it will be available for AT&T customers on May 10. Furthermore it is expected that Note 3 will offer more storage options than Samsung Galaxy is offering in U.S. The Korean manufacturer might plan to increase the storage of the Note 3 model, as the ‘phablet’ is said to offer 32GB storage. Regarding the RAM amount, some sources have informed that the Note 3 phablet might offer 3GB of memory as compared to 2GB offered by Samsung Galaxy S4.

Glass display vs. Plastic flexible display


Reagrding the display of Samsung’s Note 3, some rumors says that the display size will be 5.99 or even 6.0 inches and Note 3 will have a full-HD Super AMOLED display with diamond pixel structure like the Galaxy S 4.
But the most interesting rumors lately are claiming that Note 3 is going to be the first phone in the world using the plastic OLED flexible display technology. The plastic OLED technology is different from the Youm flexible curved and rollaway display technology presented at CES in January. Though Samsung has announced last week that flexible display commercialization will suffer some delays and most probably the company can’t face mass production right now.
Also the OLED Association is supposing that maybe Samsung will produce the Note 3 with flexible plastic displays for some exclusivist markets while the rest will get the classic glass display.
And as many customers seem unhappy with design and use of cheap plastic in the Galaxy S4, hopefully Note 3 won’t disappoint them.

It is expected that Note 3 will be a more powerful and better-equipped phone than the Galaxy S4. With the growing demand for build quality, Samsung is adopting new design philosophy and hopefully Note 3 will come up with innovations in this chapter.
It is expected that the manufacturer will unveil the Note 3 in September, at Berlin’s IFA 2013.

So you still have to wait for the mysterious Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and if you consider to buy the upcoming device, just don’t forget that you’ ll have the possibility to unlock the phone and use it with any convenient GSM network.

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