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Samsung has announced a much faster 64GB memory chip for smartphones

Samsung has announced a much faster 64GB memory chip for smartphones

Samsung has just announced a much faster 64GB memory chip to be used in smart phones and tablets. This chip, according to the company, is 20 percent faster and a third faster compared to the present chips used in these devices.

The new 64GB chips made are known as eMMC (embedded multimedia card) and these chips would be able to read data sequentially at up to 260 megabytes per second. Besides, the chip would also have the ability of writing data at the speed of 50MB per second, which is about 10 times faster than Class-10 rated external memory cards.

Samsung’s 10-nanometer class fabrication has been used in the production of these chips. Decrease in the size of the chips allows for less power consumption and efficient manufacturing. Although there are smart phones which come with 64GB internal storage, they are very rare. Besides, most of the HD content at present is downloaded and viewed locally.

Adding more onboard memory is a way to increase profit margins. For example, there is a difference of $200 between the high end iPhone from Apple and its 16GB variant. Besides, Samsung has also released the 64GB version of its Galaxy S3.

The chips mostly employed in the smart phones are present are called “Pro Class 1500”, while the new chip manufactured by Samsung would be called “64GB eMMC Pro Class 2000.” Chips being used at present have the ability of reading data at the rate of 140 MB per second while they can write the data up to 50 MB per second, which is significantly slower compared to the new chips.

Significant decrease in the size of the new chip has given it the physical dimensions of 11.5mm by 13mm, compared to 12mm by 16mm size of the previously used chips. While we have 64GB chips ready to be installed in the devices, Samsung has also announced the launch of 128GB eMMC chips in smart phones from next year. These chips are included in the Pro Class 1500 lineup form Samsung.

These new chips were developed on the existing factory line up of Samsung where the previously used chips are also being developed.

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