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Samsung is developing a smart phone equipped with 3GB of RAM memory

Samsung is developing a smart phone equipped with 3GB of RAM memory

There is no doubt in the fact that Samsung is usually ahead of its competitor in the domain of smart phones, even though it has to catch up with the leaders of the tablet market. Samsung Galaxy S3 has proven to be the most successful smart phone of the year and it seems that Samsung smart phones would soon outnumber the sales of iPhone.

According to the tech sources, latest move from Samsung seems to be the development of a smart phone equipped with 3GB of RAM memory, in addition to other highly advanced technical specs. Images of a phone being developed by Samsung have emerged over the internet whose label reads 3GB which sources have claimed to mean 3GB of RAM memory. Besides, the same source has also claimed that Samsung is shifting its design strategy and this device would come with a modified design, the most important aspect of which would be the absence of any kind of physical buttons. This will remove the only home button that existed on previous Samsung design. This design would certainly be welcomed by people who love touch screen interface and are in favor of the removal of all physical buttons, but of course some would have reservations with this trend.

The identity of this mysterious device is unknown as yet. Besides, there is also no information regarding the rest of the technical specs of this phone. The phone is most probably intended for a 2013 launch, so it is quite possible that it might turn out to be the next model in the line of Galaxy series of phones. But this is pure speculation and it might turn out to be a different device such as Galaxy Nexus or some altogether different phone.

Besides, the purpose of 3GB of RAM is also quite baffling since the present form of Android OS makes even 1 GB of RAM quite sufficient for the running of operations. No doubt increased RAM is better but since even 1 GB RAM is sufficient for Android devices, 3GB of RAM might be something totally different that is quite elusive at the moment. So far the highest RAM in the market happens to be 2GB which is also present on Galaxy S3.

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