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Samsung is redefining the music experience for the mobile users

Samsung is redefining the music experience for the mobile users

 has launched its Music Hub, which is the first completely integrated, all-in-one music service, for Samsung Galaxy S3 in the US. Music Hub is something that immensely enhances and simplifies the music experience for music lovers. Any person who loves to listen to contemporary and classic music and retains a music collection can benefit a lot from Samsung music Hub.

At present, a free 30 days trial of the service is available for the new users in the US. Every new subscriber would be able to choose a free album that would be instantly available and users would also be able to upload that free album on their personal music collections over the internet.

the Senior Vice President of media services of Samsung, T J Kang, said  that Samsung is redefining the music experience for the mobile users by offering more integrated services and lifting the barriers for the mobile users. The streaming catalog of the service is seamlessly integrated with a music store, and a personal radio service containing music from all genres is also available for the users. T J Kang further said that Samsung hopes that the users of Galaxy S3 would be able to have a unique and enjoyable experience of music, thanks to the features of free album and trial period.

The Music Hub service of Samsung mainly based on the technology of mSpot, a company that was recently acquired by Samsung. US users of Galaxy S3 can access the service via the Samsung app store or Google Play. The advanced streaming and downloading options available with the service allow users to save the storage space by streaming music, listen to music while being offline and optimize mobile data usage.

Some important features of Music Hub include access to millions of songs from the 7digital catalog including music from all major labels such as Sony, EMI, Universal, and Warner, facility of storing the purchased music in the cloud, and use of the music hub web player. Besides, more advanced features and options are available with the Music Hub premium service which is available for $9.99 per month.

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