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Samsung predicted that Galaxy S3 would exceed the mark of 10 milion by the end of July

Samsung predicted that Galaxy S3 would exceed the mark of 10 milion by the end of July

Galaxy S3 from Samsung is proving to be an immensely popular smart phone and according to the latest announcement from the company, it has already sold more than 10 million units of the phone which was released in May. Thanks to this high number of units sold, the company also expects to reach a record profit of 6.7 trillion won, or around $5.9 billion, just in the second quarter of this year. The pre-orders of 9 million for the device have already set a record in the history of the handsets.
Demand for the phone is constantly rising even after two months of its official release, which is something that would be very unpleasant for Apple, the main rival of Samsung. Apple would be releasing the next version of its iPhone this fall and the immense success of Galaxy S3 would certainly have a harmful effect on the success of iPhone 5 and hence the market share of Apple in the domain of smart phones.
Samsung had already predicted that the phone would exceed the mark of 10 million by the end of July and it seems that it has already achieved that. The prediction was made after the wide scale launch of the phone in some 140 countries took place, including the home country of the company,Korea.
There are a lot of cutting edge features in Galaxy S3, attracting a lot of attention from the consumers. The phone comes with a display that is 22 percent larger than its predecessor, and it equipped with face recognition and voice activated controls and features. A report from Research firm Strategy Analytics had previously told that Samsung shipped a total of 44.5 million units of the device, surpassing Apple’s shipment of 35.1 units by quite a large margin.
Samsung’s seems to be very serious in the competition that exists in the domain of handsets. Already in the fourth quarter of the last year, Samsung replaced Nokia as the largest manufacturer of handsets in the world. Besides, Samsung has also recently won a patent case against Apple in UK, when the judge ruled in favor of Galaxy S3. As for the sale of the device in the US, Samsung had to release software patches in order to modify the features that were considered a violation of the intellectual property law.

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