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Samsung seems to have no intention of pursuing Bada seriously

Samsung seems to have no intention of pursuing Bada seriously

Last year Samsung announced that it would be paying increased attention to its own mobile operating system named Bada OS. This was because Google had emerged as a direct competitor with its acquisition of Motorola and Samsung feared that Google would have increased advantage due to the ownership of Android and hence there should be a viable alternative. However, Bada needed to go a long way before it would catch up with Android and iOS in terms of apps and phones.

Recently, the CEO of Verizon, Lowell McAdam said that the carrier might be ready to support Bada based devices if Samsung devotes its due attention for the OS. In an interview, he said that “There’s a potential elephant in the room with Samsung.” However, it seems that Samsung has stopped seeing Google as a threat which is quite understandable since Google has not taken any measures to prove such a thing. Due to this reason, Samsung has restricted Bada OS to relatively cheap devices restricted to the Asian market.

The chief producer officer at Samsung, Kevin Packingham, recently informed that developing Bada OS as a third ecosystem is not a priority for Samsung. However, the company might increase its focus on Windows 8 based devices. This decision of Samsung would certainly be a source of concern for Nokia whose only honorable product in the market happens to be a Windows based smart phone. With Samsung increasing its attention on Windows based phones, Nokia would certainly face a tough competition and might even be driven out of the market by the colossal force of Samsung.

Bottom line is that Samsung seems to have no intention of pursuing Bada seriously and it is quite content with Android based phones, in addition to a few Windows based devices. Android has been competing very well with iOS and is constantly improving with each successive version. Bada, on the other hand, is only supported by a few users and is only found on a few mid range devices. It also lacks the proper ecosystem that can make it a worthy rival of iOS and Android. So its quite reasonable that Samsung would not waste its time and resources on making Bada a high end operating system. It would be restricted for the mid range devices and the option of Android would remain valid for the high end devices.

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