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Samsung will showcase the full HD displays during CES 2013

Samsung will showcase the full HD displays during CES 2013

A new report says that Samsung is planning to debut full HD screen which would be used in smart phones displayed during CES 2013. So far it is not clear whether this full HD screen would be used on the next model of Samsung Galaxy phone or some other phone. Full HD displays are certainly among the most coveted and must have features for smart phones during 2013. However, these screens would be large enough to be utilized on the devices which would be included in the phone and tablet hybrid category.

The report was released by a Korean newspaper according to which Samsung has manufactured a 4.99 inch touchscreen having a resolution of 1080p and pixel density of 441ppi. The resolution of this display is the same that HTC has also been planning for its Droid DNA, although the pixel density of HTC device is one point lower to 440ppi.

It seems unlikely that Samsung would be able to display the hardware that would be used with this panel during CES 2013. This is because the manufacture of hardware would be done in the late first quarter of 2013. This means that Samsung, just like LG, would only showcase the HD displays during CES 2013.

Two most probable choices for these full HD displays from Samsung are the next model of Galaxy phone and Galaxy Note. But since the size of the display is 4.99 inches, chances are that it would be utilized on Galaxy S4 since Galaxy Note would need larger size. However, this is not completely sure since there is not a huge difference between the display of Galaxy Note and this new full HD display.

On the other hand, there are also chances that Samsung might introduce an entirely new device to fit this display size. Rumors suggest that Samsung would make announcement for Galaxy S4 during March 2013, which is a bit early, considering that Galaxy S3 is still selling like hot cakes. Samsung might be planning the event just for the launch of this mysterious 1080p display smart phones instead of Galaxy S 4. For that, we would have to wait for more information or some official announcement. So far, we can keep our fingers crossed for CES 2013 which would take place on 8 January.

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