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Technical specs for Samsung Galaxy Beam

Technical specs for Samsung Galaxy Beam

Galaxy Beam from Samsung is without any doubt one of the most innovative and original smartphones in the market at present. Come to think of it, the phone has an entire build-in projector which can virtually convert your TV launch into a home theatre. This can be useful in several cases. For example, if you want to make slides for a presentation and cannot or don’t want to have access to a laptop, you can simply do it on your phone. Watching YouTube clips, movies and displaying large sized images are among other uses.

Other than these advantages, Samsung has brought some very interesting utilities that would enhance the fun of using Galaxy Beam. For example, Quick Pad is a utility that allows the users to draw and write to the screen in order to project visual ideas. Then there is a utility named Visual Presenter which can convert the phone into an overhead projector. Another interesting feature is Ambience Mode, which comes with a lot of animations or video and photographic slide shows which can be projected for a set duration.

The phone, however, requires fairly dark environment to work properly. Even if there is ambient light in the room, it won’t work the way it is supposed to. So to get the best results from the phone, you would have to use the projector under fairly dark conditions. The projector does result in a bit increased weight of the phone but the difference is not a pain in the neck.

Other than the amazing feature of the projector, rest of the technical specs of the phone aren’t very impressive. It has an average resolution of 640 x 360 pixels and beyond a couple of meters, the projector loses focus and the image quality starts deteriorating. Understandably, Samsung has provided two batteries for this phone since using the projector would mean consuming a lot of battery power. A single 2,000mAh battery can provide a projecting power for as long as three hours, but if you are not using the projector, the phone would keep running for many hours.

Another downside to this device is that it runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, while most of the latest devices are powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and we even have Jelly Bean just around the corner. Overall, while the technical specs of Samsung Galaxy Beam might not be as impressive as most high end devices in the market, the feature of projector inside a smartphone makes it quite worth it.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Beam

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