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The latest update for Galaxy S3 does not include Android Jelly Bean

The latest update for Galaxy S3 does not include Android Jelly Bean

Samsung has released its latest update for Samsung Galaxy S3 which contains various software updates related to Apple patent claims. As for Android Jelly Bean, it seems that users would have to wait for a while since this update does not contain Jelly Bean. The new Over the Air updates were released for the international users of Galaxy S3. According to these updates, the universal search function from the phone was removed. This search function allowed the users to search from phone apps and contacts, other than web search. Now users would only be able to search the web via Google search.

As per the initial reports, the software update is only 27 MB in size and is described as a “stability” software update by Samsung. There are also reports that Samsung has released this update after other Samsung device, Galaxy Nexus, was banned. This ban was a consequence of ongoing legal battle with Apple, and Samsung wants to avoid this battle when it comes to Galaxy S3.

There are also rumors that Samsung would soon update the operating system of Galaxy S3 from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean before Apple launches its iPhone 5. Besides, rumor also has it that Samsung would soon launch the second generation version of its Galaxy Note as well. However, Samsung has not given any official word on this matter.

Samsung Galaxy S3 has been proving to be an immensely popular device. It was launched only a couple of months ago and already Samsung has sold some 10 million devices world wide. In comparison to this, Apple sold 3.7 million units of iPhone during the final quarter of 2012, which pretty much depicts the popularity of Galaxy S3. This immense popularity of Galaxy S3 would certainly have a harmful impact on the market share of Apple. Galaxy S3 has also become the most popular Android based device of all time. Analysts have also said that Galaxy S3 has become the most popular smart phone of major carriers such as Verizon Wireless and AT&T. Previously, this position was retained by Apple’s iPhone 4S.

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