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Tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S3

Tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 has proved to be the most popular Android device of all time, with 10 million devices already sold within a time span of two months. The phone is equipped with a score of latest and cutting features, so for a non-technical user, a lot of playing around is required. Some of the most important tips and tricks, that would be considerably useful for a new user, are listed below:

The home screen panels and folders of the phone are completely customizable and users can have as many as seven different home screen panels, which can be eliminated as well. Panels can be deleted from the Edit option present in the Menu button. From the edit option, panels can be dragged and dropped in the trash bin. Panels can also be rearranged by simply dragging them. Switching between the panels is as simple as swiping left or right.

There is a built-in search function on the phone that can be used for web search of any given term. To use this option, you only need to tap and hold the menu key until the search bar appears. App Drawer present in the device stores all the apps that you have been using. This App Drawer can be accessed by clicking the Apps icon at the bottom of the display. Besides, App Drawer, which can be used to arrange the apps in alphabetical order, can also be customized by tapping the Menu key when the drawer is open.

The battery saving mode of the phone allows you to use it for a longer time, and also indicates the remaining battery life with the battery percentage indicator option. Power saving mode of the phone can be enabled from GS 3 Settings, and from there going to the Device options.

Galaxy S3 can also be used to take screen shots, which can be done by simply sliding your hand across the device’s display. The screen shots taken are then saved in the image gallery. S Voice is one of the most interesting features of Galaxy S3.To launch S Voice, you only need to double tap the Home button. Another exciting feature is the “Pop Up Player” video player of the phone that lets you watch video clips while using other apps. To use this feature, you can tap an associated icon at the bottom of the display to minimize a video clip. The clip can then be moved around the screen in any desired position, while doing other tasks.

The App Switcher feature on the phone allows you to see the recent history of the apps used and switch between the apps. Associated with this, there is also a Task Manager feature which can keep you informed about various aspects of the phone such as memory-card storage, RAM usage, the size of downloaded apps, and all active apps. “Tap-to-top” feature can be used to at the top of any page, whether it is the contact list, email inbox or an email message. Finally, Galaxy S3 can be used to answer and end the phone calls so that the users won’t need to swipe the screen or tap any other on-screen buttons. To enable this feature, go to Settings and from there choose the Accessibility options. From there, click to open Call Answering/EndingĀ  and check the the Call Answering/Ending settings and Answering Key and The Power Key Ends Calls boxes.

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